Your Content. Your Routing.

SmartEdge monitors your content and traffic patterns for every region in the world to offer real-time routing optimizations. Where traditional CDNs might hurt your performance with poor caching, SmartEdge adapts the routing style automatically to get the best performance possible for every request, even in regions where your traffic might be lower.

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Great Performance For Every Request

Traditionally, CDNs will route your users to the closest possible path. What they don't tell you is that the closest path might not always be the fastest. We process 8 different metrics in-realtime to determine where and how to route your users. SmartEdge makes sure every request ends up where it needs to be to deliver exceptional performance at all times.

Real-time Monitoring Built-in

Networks can fail, but your content can't. SmartEdge uses real-time monitoring and incident detection built right into the routing engine. Any network issues are detected in less than 10 seconds and we immediately start routing users away from the affected destinations, making sure you always stay online.

Real-Time Monitoring Graphics

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One Routing System For One Problem

Traditionally, CDNs will route users either with just one system which isn't always optimal. SmartEdge combines a pre-set global configuration combined with automatic performance metrics to intelligently select between anycast, GeoDNS and latency based routing for each region to maximize performance and routing quality.

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