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Request an uncached file from the CDN.


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Deliver files from our Edge Storage.

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Never hit your origin again.

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Improve Uncached Performance

Thanks to the global footprint of Bunny Edge Storage, Perma-Cache allows you to significantly speed up your uncached requests. With 5 replicated regions, even content that is not cached on the CDN is stored just a hop away from your end users. This allows you to deliver unparalleled performance with every request, no matter how often it's accessed.

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Never Hit Your Origin Again

Perma-Cache interconnects Bunny CDN into the Bunny Edge Storage system. Once the first request is made to the CDN, the file is automatically transferred from your origin to the Edge Storage in the background. The next time a CDN request is made, Bunny CDN will look up the file from the edge storage directly and your origin will never get hit again, reducing your load and drastically reducing your transfer costs..

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Optimize Once, Save Forever

Combine Perma-Cache with Bunny Optimizer for an unparalleled dynamic image transformation experience. Permanently storing optimized files means no more delays or increased latency that comes with dynamic image processing. This can drastically reduce TTFB times and improve your user experience.

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Full Vary Cache Support

The same URL does not always contain the same file. Perma-Cache integrates fully with Bunny CDN to deliver full Vary support, allowing you to cache different responses based on query string, browser support, or other configuration. Any content you can serve, we can cache.

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Improve Reliability

Datacenters can fail, but your content doesn't have to. With multiple replicas of your data around the world, Edge-Storage makes sure your content remains online, even if a single region goes offline. We monitor every region in real-time and automatically re-route the traffic in case an issue is detected.

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