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Connect Bunny Optimizer to your existing website with no configuration required.

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Resize, crop and modify images on the fly with simple url query parameters.

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Optimize & Minify

Automatically optimize your images, CSS and JavaScript files for maximum performance.

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Cache and deliver the optimized files from our lightning fast global network.

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Automatic CSS/JavaScript Minification

Bunny Optimizer automatically compresses and minifies your CSS and JavaScript files to make sure they're loading as quickly as possible.

Smart Image Optimization

Bunny Optimizer detects the user's device type to automatically resize and compress your images in the most optimal way possible using WebP.

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On The Fly Image Transformation

Resize, crop, rotate and edit images with a few simple query strings, completely on the fly wth Bunny Optimizer image processing engine. See Documentation

Bunny Optimizer Pricing

$9.5 /month per website

Bunny Optimizer offers all the features included in one simple price per month. No overages or worrying about the number of requests processed.

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  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited optimizations
  • Unlimited images processed
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