We charge for storage when using our cloud storage service. If you use just the CDN, then the storage is free. We allocate the storage space as required depending on the files.

You sure can, after you add the hostname, you can upload the SSL certificate files associated with it and we will do the rest.

Origin pull traffic is free, we only measure the outgoing traffic from our servers, including the header data.

We happily accept any adult content as long as it is legal.

We currently don't enforce any file size limits.

We do not currently provide phone support, however, we would be happy to answer any questions using our ticketing system or email.

Your credits are safe and will never expire. However, we do require $1 minimum usage each month as long as you have active zones on your account. If your monthly usage is below $1, we will round your usage up to $1 for that month.

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