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Painted boobs

I have come across a bunch of pictures of painted boobs that I absolutely love and I am sure you will too. I first want to say that I live in a very warm climate in the southwest so this idea may not work in all part of the country but it would surly work […]

Boob Alert

I am officially putting out a boob alert. I went out this afternoon to rate boobs and there were absolutely none to be found. We went to two regular places that always have great boobs and I couldn’t be more disappointed. It is 150 freaking degrees in Phoenix and women are covered up like Minnesota […]

Naked Soccer

As a self professed lover of all boobs, I have to give huge props to the people who came up topless soccer. Gentlemen you have my complete and utter thanks you are freaking geniuses. I took one look at the photo below and wished to hell I had known about that game going on, I […]

No Boobs

I will have you know that girls with no boobs can be sexy also and below I have some pictures that prove the point. I have spent almost a year working on this blog and featuring hot chicks with big boobs, while totally neglecting all the sexy women with no boobs to speak of. I […]

Comments for the 100 sexiest celebrities

Since the page doesn’t allow comments, this thread is for any comments about the 100 sexiest celebrities page.  Leave all of your feedback about how many mistakes I made with the list here.  Or of course you can compliment my exceptional comments and great taste in women…………

Boob sizes

Look at these pictures of all the different boob sizes and you can tell that there is a never ending assortment. I was recently asked “how many different boob sizes are there”? I guess the answers would be equal to the question how many women are there. Bras only come in a limited number of […]

The BOOBS at Sea World

Hooray for boob paradise. I have spent the last 3 days in booby paradise; Sea World was made for boob lovers. At Sea World they do everything they can do to get you wet and keep you wet all day long. From water rides to soak zones at every show Sea World was made for […]

Boobs are Great

Okay seriously is there anything in the world better than boobs?  Well I have to say no, nothing is better than boobs.  Boobs are great is a site for boob lovers across the world.  Sorry you won’t find any naked boob photos on this site but you will find a great assortment of pictures of […]