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More beach boobs

Since we are getting through with August and most of the country will be getting cooler soon I figured what we really needed to look at was more beach boobs. Who in the world can get enough of hot chicks in bikinis? I know I certainly can’t. As for posting the first picture again after […]

Beach boobs

Is there anything better than going to the beach and seeing all of the great beach boobs? Well there isn’t anything that I can think of that is better to do on a sunny afternoon in San Diego. So my birthday is coming up and I have been trying for 3 weeks to talk my […]

Beach Boobs

During a recent trip to San Diego, I got to check out all of the beautiful beach boobs.  Beach boobs are a real pleasure to check out because there is such a great diversity of ways to hold them in a swim suit.  Personally I like larger boobs with some sag to them, I guess […]