bunny.net Comparison


CDN Edge PoPs 71 53
Average Global Latency 29 ms 27 ms
Traffic Pricing
(5 TB - Europe / North America)
$50 Not Disclosed
Uptime SLA 99.99% 100%
24/7 Support
Email, Ticket, Chat, Slack

DDoS Protection
Instant Cache Purge
Zone, URL, Wildcard, Tag

Zone, URL
Image Processing / Optimization
Globally Replicated
Origin Shield
Free One-Click SSL
Edge Rules
Wildcard SSL Support
Raw Access Logs
Realtime Statistics
Realtime Monitoring
Security Settings Hotlinking, Token, GEO/IP Hotlinking, Token, GEO/IP
Private CDN

Note: The mentioned services and prices were collected from available online information on 17/04/2021.

What makes bunny.net
a great alternative to CacheFly

Three biggest reasons why over 23.000 customers already trust bunny.net.

100% Customer Focus

From our affordable pricing and extensive list of features, to premium 24/7 support, we are set providing our customers with the best service possible. It's our goal to help you succeed.

Lightning Fast Performance

Performance is what we are all about. bunny.net was designed to offer lightning fast performance and low latency around the world.

Absolute Reliability

We designed bunny.net to be redundant on every step of the way without single point of failures. We help our customers stay online and hopping at all times.

5x Faster Cloud Storage Graphics

Bringing innovation to CDN market.

From Edge Storage to our SmartEdge routing engine, bunny.net is disrupting the CDN market with constant innovation.

We take advantage of the latest technologies and invent our own to empower your content delivery, and provide the features, reliability, and performance like never seen before.

A platform optimized for content delivery.

bunny.net was developed and optimized for static content delivery. Thanks to this, we are able to deliver exceptional performance, low latency and high cache hit rates across our global network.

We obsess over performance and specialize in high bandwidth projects that require reliable speeds around the world, for every request.

CDN Optimized Platform

Hop to the edge and never look back.

Deliver performance without compromise.

  • 98

    Edge Locations

  • 24/7

    Proactive Support

  • 80 Tbps+

    Network Backbone

  • 945.000+

    Accelerated Websites

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