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Geena Davis

Geena Davis won’t make the new list just because her boobs aren’t quite big enough, but she is one sexy woman and I totally dig her. Like I said on the list just imagine all of the things you could do to a mouth as big as hers. Her mouth certainly isn’t the only thing appealing about her though. Geena has sexy long legs and a perfect butt. I would love to feel those legs wrapped around my back or draped over my shoulders.

I can’t remember any movies that Geena has gotten naked in and I can’t find any pictures of her bush. You know she has a nice big full hairy bush. Well at least she does in my dreams. But I do have a couple of really hot pics of her sunbathing topless. While her tits are small they are definitely big enough for her to be on my mind and on my permanent list of sexiest celebrities. Love ya Geena.

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