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Marilyn Monroe

I don’t have a lot to say about Marilyn Monroe because she was way before my time, but there is not doubt about how hot she was. I like women from that era because they were sexy with curves, not like the stick figures actresses we have now. And if there was any doubt about her hotness then all I have to refer you to is the rumors that she was dating the married president of the United States. Who happened to be married to a fox of his own. Apparently she also made some sex movies that were recently sold at auction. That’s hot.

I know it is just a rumor but the fact that it was out there is enough to tell me how the general population of men thought about her. And her rendition of happy birthday is breathy enough to give you a hard on without even looking at her picture. So Marilyn made the sexiest celebrities list at number 89 only because she was dead at the time, living I am sure she would be much higher.



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Marilyn Monroe

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