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Jessica Biel naked

Jessica Biel came in at number 98 on the list but I have since realized that her ass is so hot she should be much higher on the list. Not top ten material but most likely in the top 25. Some of the pics make it look like she has big boobs, but we all know that’s not the case. But she does have a great butt and in my mind that is enough.

I guess Jessica is dating some pop star named Rikki Lake or something similar to that. I know who it is I guess I just can’t believe that fool could get such a gorgeous women. Cameron Diaz or Brittney Spears seem to be more his speed and if he keeps doing the one up thing who knows what great piece of ass he is going to end up with next. Of the three though I think Brittney has the best ass. Her ass is nice and soft and looks great in a bikini, Cameron’s is almost not there and Jessica’s is shapely and toned. Give me a soft loopy ass any day.

There are some pretty good shots of Jessica’s butt for us to look at, and I must say that Jessica’s butt in jeans is a thing of beauty. Have a look for yourself.






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