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Boob sizes

Look at these pictures of all the different boob sizes and you can tell that there is a never ending assortment. I was recently asked “how many different boob sizes are there”? I guess the answers would be equal to the question how many women are there. Bras only come in a limited number of sizes but boobs come in all shapes and sizes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Big boobs are great but big saggy boobs are even better, at least for me. Everyone thinks they like a different size, shape, or color but the real truth is that we like all of them no matter the size, shape, or color. Maybe the truth is that the boobs don’t matter at all it is the women we love. Oh who am I kidding we love boobs and the more the better.

First a few pics of some really small boobs that you know you love. Elizabeth Shue Is incredibly hot despite having small boobs. Alicia Silverstone is another beautiful woman with small boobs. She might be a little wacko but that should never deter you from staring at her small boobs. And finally how about some pictures of the small boob queen herself, the always delightful Charlize Theron. I can’t even think of a more beautiful woman with small boobs than charlize.

And of course we can’t leave out all of the beautiful women with a medium boob size. I think we have to include in this list some of my all time favorite boobs. Carla Gugino has to have some of the best boobs on TV. I know we have covered her before but every time I look at her great boobs it makes me like her more and more. I do love me some Carla Gugino boobs. And of course on this list we should include the gorgeous Rosario Dawson, although she would border on the big boob list I think it is appropriate to include her here with the mediums. Really it doesn’t matter to me where she is as long as her beautiful boobs are on the list somewhere. And even though she is kinda nasty and gross I know you all love her so I will include Angelina Jolie. Yes I said she is nasty and I am sure to get some email about it but she is turning into skuzzy Pamela Anderson right before our eyes. Hey Brad feed that bitch a sandwich.

The girls you have been waiting for are finally here the big boob sizes are the ones you really want to see and I know it. There are only going to be three on the list today but they are some beauties that you have probably never seen before. Big sexy boobs for your enjoyment, what can I say I am here to please. First up will be Marlene Favela, She is a Mexican actress with big beautiful boobs that are sure to please even the most discriminating of boob lovers. As you can tell by the picture Marlene did a movie about Zoro, you won’t get to see her face but trust me she is gorgeous. Next we have a big boob newcomer named Rosi Cottrell, just look at the pictures and you don’t need me to say anything about her boobs. But I guess I will anyway, Rosi Cottrell has nice big fake boobs that are just begging to be played with. I am not sure I have ever seen better fake boobs than hers, she is delicious. And finally we have Sumlee Anderson and another girl with big fake boobs and a great but. No make that a world class butt, Sumlee Anderson has one of the best butts in the world. Yes just like big boobs I also love a big bubble butt.

There you have it three different boob sizes, small medium and large, I didn’t get into the monster boobs or the absolutely no boobs but at some point I am sure we will. But from the assortment of pictures of boobs above I am sure you will agree that it doesn’t matter what the boob sizes are, all boobs are great.

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