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Is this my boobie blog?  Well I guess it is, I thought it was my booby blog but for the purposes of this article it is most definitely my boobie blog.  That was almost hard to say but you know how much I love writing about boobs that I have also decided I like pictures of boobs just as much and will be featuring lots more pictures on my boobie blog.  Most likely I am going to start with the celebrity boobs I like the best so you will just have to suffer looking at gorgeous celebrity boobs.  Okay not so much suffer but you have to do it none the less.  These past few months have been very exciting watching the traffic grow on this site, but I am sure the traffic will go up even further with some really great pics.

How about I start on this very article with a girl who I am absolutely head over heels about.  Her name is Sonia Ferrer and she hails from the great Country of Spain.  I have to give it to the Spanish they produce some of the most beautiful boobs on earth.  While not exactly Latin, I still will classify them as Latin beauties.  Alright I won’t you talked me out of it.  I will just say that it has to do with that incredible skin tone, rich and smooth skin just makes me want to salsa dance all night.  There is nothing more beautiful than half naked Spanish women sweating on the dance floor.  You know what I am talking about, little beads of sweat sliding down that dark skinned cleavage is a sight to behold.  I better stop writing about it right now or I might have to find the first flight to Miami.

Without further ado I will present Miss Sonia Ferrer in her much anticipated first but certainly not last appearance on my boobie blog.  Sonia you are a dream girl and there is nothing I would do to change you.  Alright gentlemen let me know what you think of Sonia, is she one of the most beautiful women in the world or not?  And don’t forget you can lick on each picture to make it bigger.

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