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Real Boobs

Okay ladies its time for you to know the truth about real boobs and fake boobs.  Men like real boobs.  It doesn’t matter what size shape or color they are as long as they are natural and not stuffed with plastic, that’s what gets our attention.  I had a girlfriend with some of the smallest boobs on the planet but she was incredibly sexy because they were real, they were who she was.  She was a small girl and stuffing big plastic bags inside of her just would not have been natural.  Exactly what I am saying is that if you have confidence and are proud of the boobs that you have, then that is what really matters.  If you have really small boobs then just put them in our face we can’t resist a woman who is confident and secure with who she is.

Believe me when I say that it is the insecurity of women that drives the implant business, it is not because of the preference of man.  I do prefer large women, and I am not talking about the size of her boobs, I am talking about her dress size.  Usually larger women have big boobs, but that is secondary to whether or not her boobs are real or implants.  I remember a few years ago Tyra Banks Had a doctor come on her show and do a sonogram on her boobs to prove that they are real.  What I wouldn’t have done to be the person giving that breast examination.  Anyway Tyra is a woman who is secure in who she is, and was letting other women know that it is better to have real boobs than to ever get implants. 

I know that this site is still relatively new but we are getting lots of traffic so it is time for some of you to step up and leave comments about the boobs you love to play with.  Women, I know there are some of you out there, send us some clothed pictures to admin@boobsaregreat.com with rate my boobs in the subject and we will be happy to display your assets and give everyone a chance to rate your boobs.  I hope that we get pictures of real boobs because real boobs are great!

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