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100 Sexiest Celebrities

Here we go the first ever boobs are great sexiest celebrities list. On the list below you will find an amazing assortment of talent (by talent I means boobs) that is as varied as any list you will ever see. A warning right off the bat, below are some incredibly sexy pictures that show beautiful women in very sexy poses. That’s why you’re here isn’t it?

Don’t worry I am aware of the audience this site attracts, and I have done my best to give you all of the sexy women in the skimpiest of clothing and by god did I try hard to find a bunch of hard nipple see through shots. There are a bunch, you will see. I even managed to find a camel toe or two for you… well those were for me. See Catherine bell at number 59 for one of the worlds sexiest camel toe shots. For the best butt shots check out Laetitia Casta at number 62 Catherine Zeta Jones at number 55 and Brooke Burke at number 7. For the best hard nipple please see Kate Beckinsale at number 41 and my girl Carla Gugino at number 8, although there are plenty more between here and number 1. For the sexiest woman alive check out number1, no I’m not going to tell you who it is. Go find out for yourself.

For all of you who only come to the site for the boobs, I sincerely apologize this is not a list of the worlds biggest boobs, it is just flat out sexy women. Comments are open so if you really have something to say about the list please feel free to make your opinions known. During the next year we will be holding polls for next years list, so next year you decide who is on the list and where they should place. This year it was all up to me so the list is only reflective of my tastes. And the opinions are only reflective of my warped sense of humor so if you find one of the comments offensive, take a step back and see it for what it is.

That’s it have fun and enjoy the list. REMEMBER TO KEEP BOTH HANDS ABOVE THE DESK AT ALL TIMES!!!

Anne Hathaway

100. Anne Hathaway

A little too young for me but with boobs like that she had to make the list. I actually don’t know what movies she has starred in but I will surely be looking for them in the future.

Julie Chen

99. Julie Chen

When I go out on my first date with Julie I am going to skip the expensive restaurants that serve health food and I am going to take her for a big juicy burger. Julie is gorgeous but needs to pick up a few pounds to be world class.

Jessica Biel

98. Jessica Biel

Way to young for my taste, so just consider this one another act of generosity to my loyal readers.

Rosana Franco

97. Rosana Franco

You probably don’t know who Rosana Franco is, and quite frankly neither do I. But look at the picture and tell me that you wouldn’t want to know who she is. If you can look at that picture and not want to jump her, then you may be invited to a slumber party at Keanu Reeves house.

Heather Locklear

96. Heather Locklear

Heather is not aging very gracefully, but I guess that’s what a rock and roll lifestyle will get you. Heather still makes the list because of her butt, even though her face is looking haggard her butt is still amazing.

Shania Twain

95. Shania Twain

I guess I can give our northern neighbors some love, there is at least on hot chick from Canada. There is also a nasty blonde from up there, but she will never make the list.

Angelina Jolie

94. Angelina Jolie

What? Angelina all the way down at number 94. Are you kidding me? Well let me start out by saying she is skanky enough to be much higher on the list of sexy. I can over look the drinking blood, and the (whatever she did with her brother) stuff, I can even overlook being married to “Sling Blade” Billy Bob Thornton. But I can’t overlook skinny. Brad I implore you feed that bitch a sandwich before it is too late. Much like Tara Reid and Keira Knightley, Angelina needs to seriously get help for her lack of nutrition. She goes to third world countries where nobody ever has enough to eat and saves their children from starvation, but she doesn’t have time to stop at McDonalds? If Angelina doesn’t gain some serious Lb’s she is off the list for next year.

93. Tiffani Amber Thiessen

The only reason Tiffany is this low on the list is to have a picture of her great big boobs at the top so you will want to scroll down and see the rest. Yes I have to admit I have a major crush on Tiffany’s boobs and I am sure you can tell why from the photo.

Jenny McCarthy

92. Jenny McCarthy

Can you say boobalicious?

Heather Thomas

91. Heather Thomas

Heather is another one of those poster girls from my youth that I just couldn’t leave off of the list. Super sexy and what a body.

Marilyn Monroe

90. Marilyn Monroe

Kim Basinger

89. Kim Basinger

Kim has big heavy boobs. I know they are starting to sag but what they hell I like saggy boobs. Especially when they are that big.

Rebecca Gayheart

88. Rebecca Gayheart

Did she get that beautiful face from Noxzema or did they get her because of that beautiful face? Either way I like her topless better anyway.

Katherine Heigl

87. Katherine Heigl

Boobs like hers make me happy to be a man. If you have never seen Katherine I would recommend you check out “The Ringer” with her and Johnny Knoxville, funny stupid movie.

Julia Roberts

86. Julia Roberts

Julia was at her best when she was playing the part of a hooker. Come to think of it I have twelve dollars and fifty three cents on me right now. Contact me if you are interested Julia.

Nicole Kidman

85. Nicole Kidman

Full frontal Nicole. Nicole proves that you don’t have to have big boobs to make this list, you just have to show what you got early and often. Nicole has done a great job of showing us her entire body for almost her entire career and I love her for it. Being married to Tom Cruise should keep you off of this list, but Nicole did do one thing for Tom that he is very adamant about defining. Nicole proved that Tom isn’t gay, she was married to him for almost ten years and right before she would have gotten half of everything he screwed her. Tom filed for divorce just one month before Nicole could have taken half. That doesn’t prove Tom isn’t a prick and well I guess it doesn’t prove he isn’t gay either. But I’m not calling him gay because you know he likes to sue people who do. I am just calling him a weasely little and I do mean little prick.

Geena Davis

84. Geena Davis

Geena has a duality that almost kept her off of the list. One picture she is gorgeous and then in the next she is really strange looking. But with a mouth like that she had to make the list. Imagine all of the things you could stuff in that giant mouth of hers.

Brooke Burns

83. Brooke Burns

What was the name of that show? Dog eat Dog? Or was it I wanna eat Brooke? Either way if Brooke is involved you know it’s going to be a tasty meal.

Laura Prepon

82. Laura Prepon

Hot Donna. I think that HOT is an accurate description of Laura. A really HOT redhead with beautiful boobs. I hate to wish ill will on anyone’s career but I am hoping that Laura will go through a dry spell and have to turn to doing movies with lots of nudity in them just so I can see those luscious tits for myself.

Janine Turner

81. Janine Turner

Northern Exposure? I want to see Janine’s southern exposure. Janine is a foxy little thing with a great butt

Gena Lee Nolin

80. Gena Lee Nolin

Gena is one of the very few blonde women that I would actually call beautiful. And what a beauty she is. Yes it always helps when they are willing to get naked for every magazine on the planet. I am not sure there is a better body in the world, anywhere.

Neve Campbell

79. Neve Campbell

Neve should be higher on the list than Denise Richards she definitely has way less icky factor, and really great boobs. Problem is, she doesn’t get naked. Come on Neve I want to rate your boobs.

Cindy Crawford

78. Cindy Crawford

Cindy is another classic beauty that just keeps getting better and better. It is almost unfair that women like her exist. So why is she at 78? I don’t know damn it this list was hard to put together. Cindy could definitely be in the top ten.

Denise Richards

77. Denise Richards

Denise only makes the list because of kissing Neve Campbell in the movie “wild Things”. Okay that and the fact that she has one of the sexiest butts in the world.

Fran Drescher

76. Fran Drescher

Still fine after all this time. Fran is like a bottle of vintage wine, no not whine, wine. Fran is still super sexy and what can I say I like big butts.

Kelly LeBrock

75. Kelly lebrock

Just one of the world sexiest butts, and evidenced by the picture above.

Leeza Gibbons

74. Leeza Gibbons

There are some celebrities that you just need to see naked and Leeza is one of those. Leeza needs to put her career in my hands and follow the path of nudity. Leeza is gorgeous but damn it I want more from her. Alright the picture above is typical Leeza conservative and clothed but I have another picture that shows Leeza in the position I really want her in.

Gillian Anderson

73. Gillian Anderson

Give me a saucy redhead to heat up any cold January night. There really is something sexy about a girl with at gun isn’t there?

Cindy Margolis

72. Cindy Margolis

I love women with big boobs and Cindy has some of the biggest boobs in the world. Big boobs and a great butt get you on the list every time.

Katherine McPhee

71. Katharine McPhee

Another young one, but again with those boobs and that ultra soft perfect skin this beauty should never be left off of any sexy list.


70. Shakira

The hips don’t lie brother and there are more than a few things I would like to do with Shakira’s hips. This woman is ultra sexy.

Heidi Klum

69. Heidi Klum

Super Model = Super Sexy! Well in this case it does, but not in all cases. And appropriate for a 69

Maria Menounos

68. Maria Menounos

Maria is almost too sexy to be real. She is so sexy that you would have to do really kinky stuff with her just to last longer than………well………me.

Patricia Heaton

67. Patricia Heaton

To understand how I see Patricia read the description for Andie McDowell below and then add until she get’s you alone. When she get’s you alone she is insatiable. Yes it is only my imagination running wild but that’s how sexy she is.

Serena Williams

66. Serena Williams

Serena makes the list due to the scare factor. Every once in a while you just want a really rough……… and well Serena looks like the girl that would give it to you. Or hopefully the kinda girl that would make you give it to her despite the fact that you have been at it for hours and you are completely worn out. That’s what I want from Serena I want her to take me by force and use me for all I am worth.

Andie McDowell

65. Andie Mcdowell

Don’t make fun of me when I say, Andie is the kinda girl I would want to marry. No joke she just has that “you can take me home to meet momma” kinda sexiness.


64. Fergie

I’d do her

Raquel Welch

63. Raquel Welch

There is nothing I can say that will explain the number of years and the number of men who have been infatuated with Raquel. You go girl

Laetitia Casta

62. Laetitia Casta

The only thing keeping Laetitia this lowon the list is the fact that she is French. Well that and my hand on top of her head. And if you happen to be a little French dude who takes offense to that statement I will meet you after school in the parking lot. I will be wearing the red shirt, and let me guess. You will be the one holding the white flag, right?

Vivica Fox

61. Vivica Fox

Vivica is a FOX. That’s it………… what more do you people want from me I have to write a hundred of these things.

Janet Jackson

60. Janet Jackson

I am the only football fanatic in the world that didn’t see Janet’s tit during the Super Bowl. Sucks to be me I guess. Or I guess it’s a good thing I have a subscription to playboy and I get to look at her sexy naked body all the time.

Catherine Bell Camel Toe

59. Catherine Bell

I wish all lawyers looked like Catherine. In fact I wish all women looked like Catherine. Mega-sexy lawyer babe. And check out that great cameltoe.

Michelle Rodriguez

58. Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle is another one of those keep you at the edge of your seat kinda girls. Don’t turn your back on her while have a romp, or she might just use that shank she leaned how to make while she was in the pen. Actually Michelle doesn’t make the list because of the danger factor she makes it just based on the fact that she is so damn sexy.

Rebecca Romijn

57. Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca moves up the list more and more every year since she got rid of her clearly GAY but not out of the closet yet husband John Stamos. And now she is with a clearly not gay Jerry O’Connell. I can respect that, good move Rebecca. Well I have to admit that her part in “X-men” helped a lot.

Jennifer Tilly

56. Jennifer Tilly

I have featured Jennifer before so you all know how crazy I am about her, so if you don’t like her on the list, sorry there are 99 more for you to choose from.

Catherine Zeta Jones

55. Catherine Zeta-Jones

I really struggle with Catherine, more than any other on this list. Catherine really should be much higher than 55, but again it’s those real life choices that kill it for me. Michael Douglas? Are you freaking kidding me? How does that dumpy ugly bastard deserve a woman like this? I struggle with Catherine because I believe she is number 1, in fact I know she is number 1 but I just can’t move her any higher that 55 because of Michael. Catherine is the sexiest person on the planet.

Jami Gertz

54. Jami Gertz

If you haven’t seen “Lost Boys” then I would highly recommend that you rent it today. Jamie play the part of Star an almost vampire, and until I saw her in that movie I never really wanted to jump a vampire before. And yes that’s how hot she is, so hot it would make you risk your life to get a little.

Elle Macpherson

53. Elle MacPherson

Like so many before me who waited with baited breath for the SI swimsuit issue to come out every winter, I remember very clearly the first picture I ever say of Elle. And 10 seconds later that whole magazine was ruined. No not really that’s disgusting and I would never admit to that publicly. But I have had a serious infatuation with Elle and her gorgeous body ever since.

Beyonce Knowles

52.Beyonce Knowles

Unlike most people in America or the world for that matter, I could care less about Beyonce. Sorry she just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know why, she does have a great butt, and decent boobs. I just can’t figure out why I am not attracted to her like so many others are. So Beyonce make the list just to make all of you happy. Consider it my late Christmas present to you.

Angie Harmon

51. Angie Harmon

Drop dead gorgeous and a body that just screams sexiness best describes Angie. But being married to Jason Seehorn kills a lot of sexiness. I know he was a football player but that doesn’t make him less of a wimp.

Vaness Williams

50. Vanessa Williams

The Miss America title is enough to get her on the list, but the crazy personal life drops her way down. I figured number 50 was fitting just because she is sexy enough to be higher, but high enough to be less sexy.

Dana Delany

49. Dana Delaney

If you are not a Dana Delany fan then I would suggest you check out Exit to Eden and I guarantee you will be after seeing her big sexy boobs and perfect butt. Dana does spend a lot of the movie naked so it is a must watch. Warning it also stars the super gross Rosie O’Donnell. Don’t say I didn’t warn you but all of the nudity and Dana make it worth having to throw up when Rosie comes on screen.

Phoebe Cates

48. Phoebe Cates

Phoebe is here for every man who grew up in the 80′s and watched “fast times at Ridgemont high”. Phoebes tits and perfect little nipples will be forever imprinted in my mind because of that movie. Thanks Phoebe I love ‘em. I mean I love you, yeah sure that’s what I meant.

Ali Landry

47. Ali Landry

Well what can I say big boobs and another great butt. That’s enough.

Eva Longoria

46. Eva Longoria

Eva makes the list because she is small has decent tits and a fabulous butt. In fact we could leave Eva off and only include her butt, that would work for me

Marissa Tomei

45. Marissa Tomei

Marissa’s rock hard little body and perfect butt make her one of the super sexy. But she was also helped by two of the funniest scenes in movies ever. In “My Cousin Vinny” when she is standing on the porch of the cabin giving her “my biological clock is tick, tick, ticking” speech while stomping her foot made me want to make babies with her right then and there. The other was when she was getting pumped by Anti-Semite Mel Gibson in “What Women Want” and she was bored and thinking about what she was going to do the next day. Well that also made me want to take her to bed and show her how it’s really done. Alright I want to bed her every time I see her, so what.

Lucy Lawless

44. Lucy Lawless

Isn’t there something sexy about a woman warrior? You take her to bed but are still secretly worried that she is going to kill you in the middle of the night. I just got shivers down my spine thinking about it. There is another on this list who made it because of the scare factor.

Kylie Minogue

43. Kylie Minogue

Just look at the picture and get both hands above the desk.

Kate Winslet

42. Kate Winslet

Full frontal and a big hairy bush to boot. Sorry if you are not but I am a bush fan and no I am not talking about the band. Big boobs and a hairy bush get me every time.

Kate Beckinsale

41. Kate Beckinsale

The sexiest vampire I have ever seen. Kate you can suck my……………blood any time you like.

Catherine Bach

40. Catherine Bach

Daisy Duke. Really that was enough just saying Daisy Duke but when you have a fashion named after you, then you know you’re sexy. I love them Daisy Dukes.

Daisy Fuentes

39. Daisy Fuentes

Just forget all about that stupid “funniest videos” show that she did and look at the picture. OMG daisy is amazing. I think I need to check her to make sure those boobs are real. I will let you all know how the check goes.

Jamie Lee Curtis

38. Jamie Lee Curtis

Naked Celebrities are the best celebrities and Jamie Lee has certainly done her share on nude scenes. And I want to personally thank her for every single on of them. But really the sexiest scene she has ever done was a striptease that she did for Arnold Schwarzenegger in “True Lies”. She doesn’t even get naked but the shots of her perfect butt will make you thank the lord for being alive.

Marina Sirtis

37. Marina Sirtis

Marina is a lot like Amanda Tapping from above, she plays a super sexy and smart character on a science fiction show. I am beginning to wonder if I just have a thing for really sexy smart SciFi chicks. Oh wait I am not wondering I absolutely do have a thing for super sexy smart chicks. Go figure.

Rae Dawn Chong

36. Rae Dawn Chong

I am not sure if I have ever told you how much I like naked women, but Rae did a movie that she is naked for the entire movie so that really helps her on the sexiness scale. That and the fact that I was gaga for her for about ten years also helps.

Tia Carrere

35. Tia Carrere

Oh my Tia is sexy. Tia is another one of those classic beauties with really big boobs. Not that it is all about the boobs with her because she also has a perfect butt.

Courtney Cox

34. Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox is surly one of sexiest people on the plant let alone celebrities. If you don’t believe me go watch “3000 mile from Graceland” and you can see her at her sexiest.

Elizabeth Hurley

33. Elizabeth Hurley

I happen to think that Elizabeth is one of the all time sexiest celebrities ever, but the fact that she was with the super creepy Hugh Grant keeps her out of the top ten. Sorry Elizabeth I know it was just a lapse in judgement but it was a big one. The further you are away from Hugh the sexier you get.

Uma Thurmon

32. Uma Thurman

What can I say? It’s the boobs Uma. Okay it has a little to do with the legs and butt, but mostly it’s the boobs.

Winona Ryder

31. Winona Ryder

Winona makes the top 10 if this is just celebrity boobs, but it is sexiness, and part of sexiness is attitude. And when you are a rich bitch that needs to steal from department stores a lot of your sexiness goes away. Winona why didn’t you just call me I would have bought that crap for you. No just kidding you can afford to buy that crap for yourself so grow up and quit stealing. Now that I have gotten that out Winona is a super sexy celeb that I have loved for years. If she can quit stealing I will love her for many more to come.

Tyra Banks

30. Tyra Banks

Yes we all know they are real Tyra and you didn’t need a sonogram to prove it all you need was me playing with them for a few days. I promise afterward I would have told the entire world. I probably would have said they were fake and that I needed another shot at them to make sure, but I definitely would have told everyone who would have listened.

Sonia Ferrer

29. Sonia Ferrer

Sonia Ferrer is a recent addition to my infatuation list, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t deserving. Sonia like all good celebrities likes to get naked and show off her beautiful naked boobs. I love that about you Sonia, please don’t ever change.

Demi Moore

28. Demi Moore

I knew about Demi long before she made “about Last night” but after I saw it she was immediately one of my favorites and has stayed there ever since. Yes even though it had the whack job Rob Lowe in it.

Hillary Swank

27. Hilary Swank

My wife can’t believe that Hilary even made the list let alone that she is this high up. I think Hilary is super sexy and like I told my wife imagine all the things you could do with that big mouth of hers.

Scarlett Johansson

26. Scarlett Johansson

Another blonde I almost can’t believe it myself but the more I look at Scarlett the more I like her. Yes she does have big boobs and that helps, but she is also very beautiful.

Lynda Carter

25. Lynda Carter

It’s freaking wonder woman.

Reese Witherspoon

24. Reese Witherspoon

Another super sexy mommy. Reese has those all American girl next door looks and I think it makes her incredibly sexy. And I must say that mommy got boobs.

Jaclyn Smith

23. Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith is an Angel and she make my list for helping my through those rough pre-teen years when all a boy could think about was Jaclyn.

Keira Knightley

22. Keira Knightley

Keira was actually one of the people who almost didn’t make the list at all and then she ends up all the way up at number 22. How can that be you ask? Well let me tell you. Keira is unquestionably beautiful but the reason she almost didn’t make the list is because she is so darn skinny. But I have made is my personal mission to save Keira from starvation. I will name Keira as often as possible until I actually get her attention and then she will know that her fans love her beauty but want her to eat. Keira if you happen to read this I have an IV all set up for you, so that we can drip butter directly into your system. I have meatball sandwiches with cheese ready to go at a moments notice. If you would like to donate to the SAVE KEIRA FOUNDATION you can send either pads of`real butter or meatballs directly to my home address.

Jane Seymour

21. Jane Seymour

Finally we get to one of those super sexy women that age so gracefully it makes you wish that all women had the fountain of youth that she has found. Jane Just keeps getting better and sexier every year.

Jessica Alba

20. Jessica Alba

I started my love affair with Jessica when she made “Dark Angel” and it hasn’t stopped since. Jessica is just flat out sexy, there is no other way to put it.

Lucy Pinder

19. Lucy Pinder

Another newcomer to the list, but Lucy has out of this world perfect boobs. With boobs like that Lucy should have a long career in modeling or soft core porn, one of the two.

Kelly Brook

18. Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is relatively new but with a sexy body like hers I hope she will be around for a long long time. Or she could just move in with me and become my sex slave. Yeah that would work just fine with me.

Renee Russo

17. Renee Russo

There is no question that Renee is beautiful and sexy, but the sole reason she is this high on the list is the scene from “The Thomas Crown Affair” where she is topless. Renee has great tits and with tits like that she deserves to be this high on the listn

Amanda Tapping

16. Amanda tapping

Amanda Tapping has played the role of Samantha Carter on Stargate SG-1 for over 10 years, and has recently transitioned to the Stargate Atlantis show. Amanda plays a great character that is both smart and beautiful, but the thing I like best about her is her butt. No wait a second I didn’t really mean that what I meant to say is that Amanda has an amazing ability to act and makes an otherwise unbelievable character very believable and human. By the way she also has a great butt.

Charlize Theron

15. Charlize Theron

Probably one of the only girls that made the list with small boobs, but Charlize is so gorgeous I just couldn’t leave her off. Charlize is almost deceptively beautiful, you see her in one move and you start thinking … “she’s just alright I could take her or leave her” but then in the next movie you can’t take your eyes off of her. In fact Charize is so beautiful I am willing to overlook the small boobs and still take her for a ride. Damn I’m generous.

Leah Remini

14. Leah Remini

Leah is a fast talking New York girl with attitude and a smoking hot body. There was only one reason to watch “The King of Queens” and she was it. I will admit that she has one of the best butts in Hollywood, but it is those perfect breasts that take her to the top of this list.

Eva Mendes

13. Eva Mendes

Eva, Eva, Eva. Eva has been at the top of all time favorites for more years than I can even remember. Eva might flat out be the most beautiful woman on the planet, and as I sit here writing about her I am wondering why she is only at number 13. I may have made a few mistakes with this list, Eva could surely be number 1. I know I would like to give her one.

Rosario Dawson

12. Rosario Dawson

Now here is a prediction for you. I predict that over the course of the next fifty yes I said fifty years that Rosario will go down as one of the most beautiful celebrities of all time. Much like Marilyn Monroe, Rosario will have a lasting legacy because she is just that damn hot.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

11. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Just out of the top ten we have some really sexy women. Among the sexiest is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jennifer and her boobs are the reasons I am proud to be a man. Jennifer once said that her boobs had a career of their own and I have to agree, she was around and making movies for years before I noticed there was a beautiful woman attached to them.

Penelope Cruz

10. Penelope Cruz

Penelope is the reason that millions of American men want to move to Spain. We think that all Spanish women are as beautiful as her. Well they are not, so stay away from Spain, only I get to move there.

Rachell Luttrell

9. Rachel Luttrell

Probably one of the few people on this list that no one knows but let me say for the record, that this woman is the sole reason that millions of men tune into the SciFi channel every Friday night. If you don’t know her all you have to do is look at the picture to realize why she is in the top 10 sexiest celebrities.

8. Carla Gugino

The only thing I don’t understand about Carla is why she isn’t a much bigger star than she is. One of the world’s hottest women should be making a lot more films than she does. I don’t know who your agent is Carla but drop them like yesterdays bad habit and make more films for me to watch your gorgeous body in.

Brooke Burke

7. Brooke Burke

Brooke is the kind of girl that would make you change your religion. And of course what I mean by that is if I were with her I would become a Mormon just to keep making babies as often as possible. And why not, they don’t seem to affect her figure at all.

Nikki Cox

6. Nikki Cox

There is not much I can say about Nikki that hasn’t already been said, so I will just add my “Oh My God” to the list and leave it at that.

Alyssa Milano

5. Alyssa Milano

Cute little Sam from Who’s the Boss grew into one incredibly sexy woman. If Alyssa were any hotter she might ignite the atmosphere.

Jennifer Lopez Sexy

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is another superstar that just seems to get sexier and sexier. Now if she would just get rid of that creepy looking husband of hers she might even go up to number 1 on the list. Jennifer whenever you are ready to drop the freaky looking dude I am right here waiting, just thought you should know.

Halle Berry sexy boobs

3. Halle Berry

Halle Berry is without a doubt one of the sexiest women of all time and is deserving of her spot at number 3. Halle we love you now and always will.

Sexy Salma Hayek

2. Salma Hayek

Salma is amazing. The only thing keeping her from being number 1 is learning how to sing. But that is a lot easier said than done so unfortunately Salma comes in number 2 in the sexiest celebrities voting.

Mariah Carey in lingerie

1. Mariah Carey

Number 1 in my heart is the beautiful Mariah Carey. Great voice, perfect body, and drop dead gorgeous. What more can she do than be the number 1 sexiest celebrity?

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