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Sofía Vergara

There is something a little extra special about Latin women and Sofia Vergara is no exception.  Sofia is on of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  Just take a look for yourself.

Cindy Crawford

There has never been a moment in my life since I first found out about Cindy Crawford’s existence that I haven’t thought she was one of the hottest women in the world. Cindy might have aged a few years and had some babies but she is still the super hot super model that we have all come to know and love. Not all supermodels will get naked for the camera and even fewer still will show off some bush, but Cindy is a champ and does both. And that my friend is why she will always hold a place very dear to my heart.

I first saw Cindy in sports illustrated with I was just a youngster but those pictures have been etched in my mind since the first day I saw them. Cindy has gone on to do major commercial endorsements and even done a little (very bad) acting but her body is still the most amazing work of art I have ever seen. Yes I am now and will forever be a fan of Cindy Crawford’s boobs. They and she are amazing. I might have forgotten to mention what a spectacular butt she has also. Just look at the pics and leave me alone.

Neve Campbell

When I originally put Neve Campbell on the list of sexiest celebrities I had not seen her boobs. Now that I have seen her boobs, I almost want to scratch my eyes out. All I can really say about them is boob job. Yes this is one celebrity that I would highly recommend that she runs not walks down to the closest plastic surgeon’s office and get those babies fixed. They are absolutely abysmal.

As evidenced by the pictures below Neve has some of the worst tits in the history of mankind. Sorry I know it sounds a little mean but there is now way she should have bothered to do a naked scene knowing what they were like. Just say NO to any more naked movies until you get those bags pumped up with some plastic. I will admit that she has a great ass though.

Gena Lee Nolin

All that really needs to be said here is big round boobs and big blue eyes. Gena’s boobs keep her on the list permanently. No kidding they are that perfect. Everybody loves round boobs even other women. Seriously check it out. Go out with a girl who has perfect boobs like Gena and just watch how many people including when stare a her boobs when you pass them by. I especially like to take them to a crowded place like a mall and just walk around watching how many people are checking out her tits.

Now you add in the fact that Gena likes to pose naked and show off her goodies and that almost makes her a goddess. Gena is flat out gorgeous and her body in a work of art. Take a look around the internet and find her sex tape and you will even find out that she sucks dick pretty well also. So Gena if you happen to be in need of a long term committed relationship (monogamous of course) or even better yet a one night stand I will gladly sacrifice my body in the pursuit of your pleasure. I am freaking good like that.

Janine Turner

Another classic beauty made the list last year. Janine was great on Northern exposure but what really sealed the deal for her were the Lynx commercials she made for Mercury. Her sexy little body with full hips and great boobs had nothing to do with it at all. Yeah sure you believe that don’t you? Seriously though, Janine does have the looks of a classic beauty. She has the kind of face that men would paint of the side of their airplanes so they had something beautiful to look at during their darkest days. I don’t know how to describe her other than just flat out beautiful.

After looking through imdb.com it looks like she has had a very active career but I haven’t seen anything she has been in for years. And speaking of busy little beavers, that is one beaver I would love to get busy with. Take a look at the pictures below where she is wearing the shear dress. Hips like that were made to carry babies and I would love to donate some of my daemon seed to further the cause. Well actually I would probably just pull out and shoot all over her great boobs, but Janine will remain one of my favorites forever.

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon is another actress that makes the list only based on her talents and acting ability. Ha Ha Ha. That even cracked me up. Laura makes the list based on her sexy body and fabulous boobs. In fact I will go so far as to say that she has super boobs. Those all natural juicy big boobs that I have come to love so much. Don’t get me wrong, any set of big boobs will do, but natural and soft ones like hers are without question the cream of the crop.

Laura played the part of “Donna Pinch her naughtys” on “that 70’s show” and really that is the only place I know her from. I have never seen any other movies or shows she has made if there are any, so she stands on the “hot Donna” merits alone. Hot doesn’t even begin to describe her though, this is one premium slice that I look forward to oogling over for years to come. Laura has a long lean sexy body, and when you top that off with a nice rack like hers, I am in heaven. Yes I know what you come here for so her come the hot pics of Laura Prepon’s boobs.

Brooke Burns

Brooke burns is in one word gorgeous. I am not usually attracted to blondes at all but there really is something special about a gorgeous blonde with big blue eyes. Brooke has it all, a gorgeous face, big boobs, beautiful butt, and sexy legs. She did reportedly date Bruce Willis after her was all old and bald and wrinkly which makes her a little suspect, but with looks like hers I still wouldn’t turn her down and neither would you.

I don’t know a lot about her career other than the show dog eat dog but I do know that if a movie producer could talk her into doing some naked scenes the movie would make billions. Yes she really is that freaking sexy. I know I would pay to see her naked and I am sure all of the readers of this blog would also. Not that anyone actually reads this blog, they only come here for the hot pics.

If I were to actually see Brooke Burns in real life there is one thing I would like to say to her and that is. GO SOONERS! If you don’t understand why then just take a look at the first picture and you will understand. Or maybe not.

Geena Davis

Geena Davis won’t make the new list just because her boobs aren’t quite big enough, but she is one sexy woman and I totally dig her. Like I said on the list just imagine all of the things you could do to a mouth as big as hers. Her mouth certainly isn’t the only thing appealing about her though. Geena has sexy long legs and a perfect butt. I would love to feel those legs wrapped around my back or draped over my shoulders.

I can’t remember any movies that Geena has gotten naked in and I can’t find any pictures of her bush. You know she has a nice big full hairy bush. Well at least she does in my dreams. But I do have a couple of really hot pics of her sunbathing topless. While her tits are small they are definitely big enough for her to be on my mind and on my permanent list of sexiest celebrities. Love ya Geena.

Changes to my boobie blog

Since I had to change servers recently I decided to take the time to make some changes to my boobie blog. First and most importantly I got rid of the full page ad that showed up when you first come to the site. I also got rid of 2 pages from the site. The first was the 1 dollar porn offer that no one took advantage of. Why I have no idea but it’s gone just the same. The second was the list of boobs of the day features, just because I didn’t want to maintain it any longer. I am also adding some pics to the biggest boobs in the world post for you all to enjoy. The first girl is one of the hottest huge boob girl I have ever seen.

I have been going though the top 100 sexiest celebrities list and doing a feature for each of the girls on the list and have found some that I just don’t really want on the list. But because it is such a popular page I have decided that I will just add another sexiest celebrities page for a new group of outstanding boobs that definitely deserve a place on the site. Look for that at the beginning of the year. Maybe I will make it an annual tradition to do a new list every year but it really depends on my mood. It took me 2 full days to build the last list so only time will tell.

Other than that I have to say that the recent tribute to the incredibly sexy Brooke Burke is my favorite post on this site so far. Hopefully there will be a bunch more like that in the coming year. Since I am in no way politically correct and don’t give a crap about starting now, I will say Merry Christmas to everyone and not say happy holidays. Boobs are my religion and that is good enough for me. Merry Christmas. And of course there will be some hot pics following the blabber.

Nicole Kidman

The next hot slice on our 100 sexiest celebrities list is the delicious Nicole Kidman. I say delicious figuratively because as much as I would like to sink my tongue into that sexy little bush of hers, I will never get the chance. So I will just imagine how tasty she is and perv over her awesome body. Like I said on the list, Nicole is a little suspect because of her marriage to Tom cruise. Tom adamantly claims he is not gay, and I am certainly not calling him a little fag because of his propensity to sue, but there is something seriously wrong with that little prick. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt because his first 2 wives have nice big hairy bushes, and I freaking love that about both of them.

But this article is about Nicole. Nicole is one of my all time favorites not only because of her beautiful face, perfect butt, long sexy legs, cute little tits, and perfect hairy bush, but because she likes to show it all off to us. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her magnificent body with the world the way she does, and it should be enough for all of us. But like most men I am just not satisfied with what we have gotten so far. I think it should be written into all of her future movie contracts that she has to get naked and never shave or wax or laser or whatever women are doing these days to remove their pubes. Or better yet she could just start doing porn and say screw it to Hollywood. Or even better I could be the leading man in all of her new porn movies. Or maybe even better yet she could just move in with me and I could worship her perfect body every day for the rest of our lives. Usually I am a giving person but for Nicole Kidman I would say screw you all and keep her for myself. Sorry!

But as condolences take a look at the seriously hot pictures of Nicole Kidman naked and I am sure you will get over it. There are some photos from the movie eyes wide shut and other movies she gets naked in.